The Studio MU REC STUDIO  Recording Jazz Studio Milano the Milan Mu Rec  recording studio is especially featured in the recording of acoustic instruments and electro-acoustic music (classical, lyrical, jazz, folk, ethnic, choral, blues, rythm'n blues and all sort of music). The 50 sq. m facility houses a recording room + a  soundproof space equipped to handle any kind  of groups  spanning from a jazz big band to a duo. Analogue mixing console MCI J600, analogue outboards   (EQ 4312A -EQ Orban 622 3 – Limiter Audio Design F760X-RS -F760X-RS-F769X-R). music cases (Yamaha NS10-JBL 4312A-JBL 4315 – Ampli Pioneer SPEC2 ) analogue multi track recording system( Studer – tape 2 inches). Digital multi track recording system  (digital performer – sound card Motu Traveller). Analogue recorders (STUDER: 2 inches, ¼ inch – speed 3,34 - 7,5 -15 – 30). Analogue and digital  editing,  CD mastering, old recording repairs and sound track transfers on Hard Disk –  CD and DVD copies from any technical support (tapes, cassettes, CD Minidisk, LP). Professional tape recording, CD demos (for schools as well).  Trailers, recital  and narration voices,  soundtrack to stage plays and events. Practice room  for acoustic  or electro-acoustic bands. Excellent microphone equipment also for POP voice (Neumann U47 – Neumann U87 etc..). Availability to  host  seminars  and/or music courses, musical-therapy  and yoga sessions. Piano Fender Rhodes Mark 1 73. Excellent YAMAHA C3  1/2 grand  piano Conservatory. SONOR ROSEWOOD drums set  70s. Dealing with music since 1974. Info: 02/29512414  MU REC STUDIO – Via E. Noe,2 – 20133 MILANO
murecstudio studio di registrazione milano via noe 2