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  Established   in   1974   Milan   –   2,   Via   Noe   (located   in   the   vicinity   of the   legendary   Bar   Basso   ),   “Barigozzi   Studio”   was      created   in   the premises    of    an    old        workshop    and    converted    into    recording studio.   Barigozzi,   after   a   long      and   intense   career   as   outstanding     musician,      decided   to   “jump   over   the   fence”      and   set   on   recording other performers. The   studio   rapidly   becomes   a   popular   entity   in   the   recording   of light music and advertising jingles.  In   1975   the   studio   becomes   the   venue   for   jazz   recording   sessions when      Barigozzi      meets      Sergio      Veschi      (RED      record)      and subsequently      Giovanni   Bonandrini   (Black   saint/   Soul   note).   This is    the    beginning    of    a    great    artistic    cooperation.    The    Barigozzi studio   was      to   become   most   notable   in   the   course   of   the   following two    decades    for    its    recording    techniques    extensively    used    by several    Italian    and    foreign    musicians    and    a    valid    point    of reference   to   them.   A   huge   number   of   performers   have   since   then made   their   recordings   at   the      studio.   Among   the   world   famous artist   clients:   Max   Roach,   Dizzy   Gillespie,   Tony   Scott,   Art   Blakey, Art   Farmer.   Sun   Ra,   Benny   Golson,   Bill      Frisell      and      Italian   artists alike:   Franco   Cerri,   Gianni      Bedori,   Paolo   Tomelleri,   Enrico   Intra, Bruno   De   Filippi,   Guido   Manusardi   .as   well   as   jazz   singers      like Lilian     Terry,     Caterina          Valente,     Tiziana     Ghiglioni,     Roberta Gambarini. In   1993   Paolo   Falascone   takes   over   the   studio   dubbing   it   Mu   Rec Studio   from   the   idea   of   MUsical   RECordings.   Under   this   name, while   recording   jazz   blues,   classical   lyric,   rhythm   &   blues,   Latin jazz   and   other   music,   Falascone      maintains   the   vintage   ambience as   well   as   the      analogue   system   to   ensure   maximum   autenticy   but     implementing   the   equipment   with   digital      device   system;   he   gives continuity   to   the   cooperation   with   record      labels   like   Black   Saint   - Soul   Note   –Dischi   Della   Quercia   (now   renamed   CAM)-   Philology- Red Record- Splash -Amirani- Music Center. The   list   of   performer   artists   who   have   recorded   at   the   studio      over the   following   two   decades      include   Phil   Woods,   Lee   Konitz,   Jerry Bergonzi,   Ed   Thygpen,   Enrico   Rava,   Renato   Sellani,   Gianni   Basso, Joey   De   Francesco,   Flavio   Boltro,   Andrew   Cyrille,   Paul   Bley,   Paul Motian,    Mark    Johnson,    Stefano    Bollani,    Victor    Lewis,    Franco D'Andrea,     Mal     Waldron,     Giorgio     Gaslini,     Steve     Lacy,    Albert Mangelsdorff,   Paolo   Fresu,   Martial   Solal,   Ares   Tavolazzi,   Antonio Faraò,   Irio   De   Paula,   Leo   Smith,   Steve   Swallow,   Gaetano   Liguori, Dave   Douglas,   Fabrizio   Bosso,   Larry   Ochs,   Massimo   Moriconi, Franco Ambrosetti, George Garzone and many many more.
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